Why Now?

Why should we train translators and interpreters today?

What has changed in the past 10 years? 

Virtual instant communication eliminated PHYSICAL boundaries. The only boundary now is LANGUAGE. 

The need to deliver content in multiple languages at all points of contact is growing exponentially to levels never seen before. The world has a shortage of qualified translators and interpreters to support the growing needs for multilingual communication by private and public companies, by governments and NGOs, and by private citizens all over the world.

The world has become a Global Digital Village. 

In the 21st Century, web-based/online/e-learning allows students to access quality content and develop skills regardless of location, schedule or time available for development of their talent. 

We are able to cater to the wide audience of modern students.  For example:

  • a fully bilingual young adult in a remote village of Africa, who hopes one day to work as a healthcare interpreter for a local NGO; or
  • a professional translator with 20 years of experience in South America, who wants to learn computer-assisted translation and become tech savvy; or
  • a retired senior citizen in Florida, who speaks three languages fluently and wants to earn some money as a telephone interpreter.

Translators and interpreters need to acquire a new set of skills to be able to work in the modern digital world of diversity and cultural change. 

We provide training to develop the talents of translators and interpreters, regardless of location, background, or age (16 to 95). 

We can quickly develop the talents of tens of thousands of fully bilingual individuals around the world. Training is also vital to update the skills of professional translators and interpreters so they become tech savvy. Finally, we need an entire new generation of skillful and ethical transinterpreters to meet the growing demand for multilingual written & verbal content in our Digital Age. 

We are ready for the challenge. BrauerTraining can deliver on that premise.

A cafeteria-style platform allows access to progressive modular workshops from any computer with internet access, anywhere in the world, at any time, day or night. Learners are fully bilingual beginners who want to become professionals, or professionals who want to expand skills and improve performance.

How are we doing it?

On the delivery side: 

The Pathwright platform, with Google Hangouts, Youtube private video and Voice Threads, to deliver 24/7 online training worldwide; as little as one to as much as 50 workshops per student/year. 

On the student side: 

Access to computers and/or any mobile device with internet access. 

Mobile devices are tools that are widely available in developing countries, which is one of our target populations.

The BrauerTraining School

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