Industries Served

Healthcare, Legal, Business & Finance, Security & Military, and other Community Services

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Community and Social Services

"The community interpreter has a very different role and responsibilities from a commercial or conference interpreter. She is responsible for enabling [individuals] with very different backgrounds and perceptions, and in an unequal relationship of power and knowledge, to communicate to their mutual satisfaction...The settings are hospitals and doctors' offices, schools, the various offices dealing with immigrant matters, housing and social security, and police stations and the courts.... regional variations and dialects can be a problem...The clients are worried, afraid, and sometimes illiterate. They find themselves in strange interpreters need people skills as well as language and cultural knowledge -- and interpreting know-how.” (

Medical and Healthcare

“With growing concerns about racial, ethnic, and language disparities in health and health care and the need for healthcare systems to accommodate increasingly diverse patient populations, language access services (LAS) have become more and more a matter of national importance...Research conducted by the Institute of Medicine showed that language barriers can cause poor, abbreviated, or erroneous communication, poor decision making on the part of both providers and patients, or ethical compromises. The implementation of appropriate LAS in healthcare settings can serve to: Increase access to care, improve quality of care, health outcomes, and health status, increase patient satisfaction, enhance or ensure appropriate resource utilization.” (OMH)


Large percentages of population in many countries around the world have limited speaking and understanding abilities in the language of the predominant culture in their country of residence. In many of these countries, the law requires that these individuals are serviced in their language of preference.

“Providing this assistance in judicial settings is particularly important for victims, defendants, civil litigants, and witnesses and requires the services of well-trained and highly-skilled, professional interpreters and translators.” (NAJIT)

Business & Finance

“Business and finance are fields that are particularly demanding in terms of the expert knowledge required by a translator [and interpreter]. One of the main reasons is that there is often a lack of context for the text to be translated in these fields. This includes balance sheets, tables, charts, presentation slides, statistics, minutes, organization charts, account systems, etc....Only translators who have solid industry and subject expertise can independently unlock the context of your documents. The result is a translation that not only accurately reflects the content you have presented, but also incorporates your industry-specific technical jargon.” (

“In international business situations which involve foreign languages, rapid and accurate interpreting of speech or dialogue can be crucial to the success of the activity. This can vary from formal events such as European meetings, exhibitions, presentations and overseas negotiations, to informal ones such as collecting overseas clients from airports and providing tour guides.” (

Security & Military

“Military translation is a very specific discipline. It sometimes requires a detailed knowledge of military science, hierarchical structures in the army. At times a translator has to deal with an audience composed of people of diverse military, educational and cultural background. Therefore, he has to take it into consideration and be understandable and multicultural. Moreover, a military translator should have a huge sense of responsibility. Sometimes an erroneous translation of one word can lead to a lack of understanding, even a fatal misunderstanding. Wrong translation of military technical manuals can lead to weapon misuse. Therefore, a military translator should be careful and proficient, and he has often to be specialized in technical and even legal issues.” (

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