The BrauerTraining School

We help you set, redefine and accomplish your goals.

Wherever you are going as a translator or interpreter, we can help you get there: We show you step-by-step how to do what you need to do and then hold your hand while you practice to develop the skills you need to use your talents with the new knowledge you have acquired.

The only thing you need to become a learner at BrauerTraining is a computer with an internet connection and sufficient English to understand and work with our trainers. Our learners may be any age, from 16 to 95, living anywhere in the world, from small villages in indonesia to large cities in the United States.

All our workshops are language-neutral so that you may adapt them to your specific language pair.

If you are already a professional translator or interpreter, we have fantastic workshops to update your skills and further develop your talent to the needs of the 21st Century Global Village. If you are a novice or just a fully bilingual individual interested in entering the field, we provide all the learning tools you need to become a professional at your pace and within your budget.

We bring you the tools you need to enhance your career and “train up”: develop your talents and skills set to work in todays’ world! New terminology, new professions such as health care, new deliveries, such as remote video interpreting; information and recommendations on new software and devices; new practices followed by the hiring companies; instruction on the rules enforced by the governments and the different industries in which you work. We have also developed a unique group of language "GYMS" where you are offered a space for practice under guided supervision and structured coaching.



Select a workshop and start climbing your staircase to excellence!

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