Blueprint to Train Up to 21st Century Technologies

Title of my session (E4) at the 2014 IMIA Annual Conference in Texas - Jan.19, 2014

Blueprint to Train Up to 21st Century Technologies

(Nationally accredited by the CCHI for 1 instructional hr.)

The world has become digital, instant, mobile and global. To compete in this world, and remain professionally relevant in the coming decades, we must learn to work with the technological tools of the day.

Many interpreters have been complacent in the past decades, dismissing the advent of tectonic shifts in the means of production and delivery of interpreting services. This is especially true in the Healthcare/Medical industry, which usually pioneers and is an earlier adopter of the technologies of its time.

Instead of resisting technology, healthcare/medical interpreters should embrace it and keep pace with the changing world. On-site and in-person healthcare interpreting will be just one of several ways to deliver services in the coming decades, probably only on “boutique-style” service delivery (clients who can and are willing to pay for those services). We must prepare to work in a world ruled by telemedicine, where the norm will be the use of technological advances such as over-the-phone, remote video and web-based interpreting.

In this 60-minute session we will identify and learn about the technologies of the 21st Century. Then we will prepare a modest blueprint for future personal action that is feasible to implement.


Attendees will:

- Identify and learn about the technologies that are changing the face of the world in the 21st century, especially in relation to healthcare/medical interpreting.

- Understand how crucial it is to invest time and money to acquire a new set of skills and to update our hardware.

- Create a personal “2014 skills upgrade plan”

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