The Vision of BrauerTraining

Statement of Purpose

The democratization of translation and interpreting inspires us:

Physical barriers to communication are no more.
The world is truly a digital mobile Global Village.
Now the only barrier is the fact that the world speaks different languages.
That is changing too.

Translation and Interpreting are becoming ever more democratic to give true access to information and content to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

Though large software companies have made huge strides in bringing technology to the equation, the missing link is the human translator and interpreter, the adequate training of individuals to help facilitate that connection, to make democratization of language a true reality.

We would hope to one day lead the field in bilingual talent development so that hundreds of thousands of individuals may work in hundreds of language pairs rendering services for companies, governments, NGO's and, in general, the citizens of the world (and in turn, acquire a means of earning their own living).

This is especially true in developing countries!