Mission of BrauerTraining

To develop the talent that will become the translators and interpreters needed in the 21st Century

Our objective is to encourage translators and interpreters to embrace technology, instead of resisting it, and to develop their talents as fully bilingual individuals to contribute to bridge the communication barriers still existing in the Global Virtual Village of the 21st Century.

We hope to make available to you the tools you need to enhance your career and “train up” by developing your talents and skills set to work in todays’ world: new terminology, new professions such as health care, new deliveries, such as remote video interpreting; information and recommendations on new software and devices; new practices followed by the hiring companies; instruction on the rules enforced by the governments and the different industries in which you work.

We aspire to become the prime source of information about the changes occurring in the industry directly impacting you, the translator and interpreter. We will give you the big picture and the details to step up the ladder into the 21st Century, step by step.

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