.... and Expertise....



Expertise and Credibility are terms that summarize the feedback received from those who have attended her sessions.

Feedback from learners:

•She communicates very well her love of the field. I enjoyed very much the way she presented the webinar. Thank you!

•Well-designed and interesting course. Also the handouts and the vast materials sent after the webinar are very interesting and complete. As usual Claudia shows full commitment to the subjects and to the attendees. Very serious and professional.

•Claudia gives a lot of useful information and she really is able to involve her audience, giving clear explanations and examples.

•Very prepared and organized. I like that she is provided a lot of material to download later for locating potential employers and practice material.

•I was impressed not only by Claudia's knowledge of the subject matter she was teaching us, which I didn't doubt at all, but mainly by her outstanding ability to convey what she knew to us. To me she was able to give us a clear picture of what it takes and what we need to work on if we want to follow this difficult professional path. Despite being at the end of the day, and feeling a little tired, she was able to catch my attention and made me feel motivated at all time. This is definitely not the last of Claudia's workshops I am going to attend.

•Claudia is a very skilled trainer. Her explanations are clear and easy to follow. I enjoyed the course very much.

•Claudia is great at explanations. Very warm and easy to follow. I hope she uploads more training for the community.

•The trainer is very clear and generously has shared lots of useful material and info.

•Claudia explains very well!

•Very knowledgeable and experienced trainer, energetic delivery, good examples and a lot of additional material provided.

•Very professional!!!!!

•Claudia has a clear, practical, natural way of organizing and exposing a subject. She lets you feel at ease even with complex subjects and, in addition to the theoretical information, gives a lot of practical examples and materials/tools to use. This makes her webinars not just very informative, but also immediately useful. Bravo!

•Claudia Brauer is an excellent teacher. She presented the topic very clearly and I could understand her very well. I will certainly attend more of her courses in the future.

•Claudia is an excellent speaker. She explains all topics in an extremely clear manner!

•Easy going and effective as ever.

•Claudia is for me the most resourceful person / speaker: she provides so many good, useful links and helpful advice! I know I have to do a lot of homework now - but it's worthwhile!

•The webinar exceeded my expectations. Thank you very much!

•Thank you Claudia! The course was very interesting and helpful. The link is a real source for OPI`s.

•Clear and well organized.

•Claudia is knowledgeable in the subject matter, speaks clearly and has good presentation skills!

•Mrs. Brauer led this course in a vivid and natural way so that one felt good while listening. Also, the examples where a great help to see differences. Thank you very much!

•Interesting, clear and motivating

•As mentioned above, Claudia is very professional, very well prepared. I also appreciate her pace of speaking - clear, understandable. Happy to know her.

•Very well prepared and extremely knowledgeable on the area. Her passion for interpreting was infectious.

•Clear and to the point.

•Thank you for sharing your experience and information during this webinar. It is an amazing source to learn about telephone interpreting.

•As usual, it's well prepared and very nice to be trained by her.

•Claudia is a very skilled and professional trainer. Her explanations are clear and so it is easy to follow the course.

•She is very vigorous and energetic, and really knows what is needed in the incoming linguistic industry.

•Thank you Claudia, it's always extremely helpful to hear from a person that's been on the job for decades. Apart from learning about interesting topics such as CLAS and all the interpreter's associations in the US, the insights and examples that Claudia delivered are indeed invaluable.

•Good explanations about the central points of healthcare translation & interpretation

•I liked the way she organized her lecture. She knows how to deliver an effective teaching.

•Well-organized, clear presentation by an experienced interpreter. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

•Good clear delivery, fluent, knowledgeable and plenty of enthusiasm.