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Knowledge, commitment and vision define us

The Language Service industry has changed dramatically in the past 10 years. Older (professional) interpreters and translators are in desperate need of “upgrading" their skills to those needed in the 21st Century. They need to “train-up" but don't know where to start or where to go. Younger (aspiring) linguists have very few options to acquire the needed skills-sets at reasonable rates outside college-type environments. Both groups have time constraints.

Seeing the need for translators and interpreters to acquire a new set of skills to work in the modern digital world of diversity and cultural change, Claudia created and currently delivers 55 online courses, workshops and webinars that meet the needs of linguists working in the 21st Century. These sessions, designed as a path (or stand-alone) for the progressive acquisition of knowledge, are aimed at working professionals as well as novices aspiring to work in the translation and interpreting industry.

BrauerTraining offers small-bite, step-by-step training for working and aspiring translators, interpreters and intercultural communicators.

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